Male, 22
Sunday, 04 December 2022

I don't make mistakes. I'm not "just like the rest of you." I'm stronger. I'm smarter. I'm better. I am better. I'm not some weak-kneed f**king crybaby that goes around f**king apologizing all the time. And why the f**k would you want me to be? All my life, people have tried to control me. My whole life. Rich people, powerful people have tried to muzzle me, cancel me, keep me impotent and obedient, like I'm a f**king puppet. You know what? It worked. Because I allowed it to work. And guess what. If they can control me, then you can bet your a$$ they can control you. They already do. You just don't realize it. I'm done. I am done apologizing. I am done being persecuted for my strength. You people should be thanking Christ that I am who and what I am, because you need me!!! You need me to save you! You do. I am the only one who possibly can. You're not the real heroes. I'm the real hero. - Homelander


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